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Changes to our policies and procedures

South Western Housing Society and Tamar Housing are now Willow Tree Housing Partnership, and our policies and procedures are being updated and aligned to reflect the new partnership.

The Tenants Handbook has been amended to include the changes, here.


Online marketplaces flooded with unsafe electrical appliances

Online marketplaces are rife with unsafe electrical appliances – many appliances are poorly designed, unsafe products that could cause electric shocks or start fire. Please see below advise when looking to purchase electrical items online.

Dos and don’ts of online shopping

Do check the price – If it’s a bargain and the price is too good be true, then it probably is!

Don’t trust images – Seeing is not believing. Do not trust that the image displayed on the advert is a true representation of the product you will receive.

Do look for contact details – If the seller’s contact details are not supplied, or there is a just a PO Box, be wary; many fake electrical goods are manufactured overseas, where they will not be safety tested and are produced as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Don’t rely on reviews – Previous happy customers may not be aware they have purchased a substandard or counterfeit item. Reviews will be based on the product working at one point in time, rather than the potential safety risks it poses.

Do buy from a reputable retailer – by buying your electrical products from reputable retailers, or directly from the manufacturer, you can be assured you’re buying the real thing.

How to check if you’ve bought a fake:

Inspect the packaging and item carefully. Look out for the tell-tale signs of flimsy packaging and substandard printing, such as spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Compare your item to an online image from a trusted, high street retailer.

Look for a legitimate safety certification label. All electrical products will have one or more safety certifications on their label if made by a legitimate manufacturer. If the certification mark is present only on the packaging, but not on the product itself, there’s a good chance the product is fake.

Make sure everything that should be there is there. Fake products may not include supplementary materials such as a manual or a product registration card or even all the parts!

Check the plug. If you’ve purchased your product from a UK retailer, look to see whether the appliance has a three-pin UK plug or charger.

Trust your instinct. If you are still uncertain about your product for any reason, you’re probably right to be wary. Visit the high street to compare your product to those on sale in store; if your item varies in any way do not use it.

 If you suspect you have purchased a fake, stop using it immediately. Report it to Trading Standards so that they can take action against the seller; selling fake products is illegal and puts people’s lives at risk.


The National Housing Federation are developing a new way in which residents can work with their Housing Association to ensure that they continue providing excellent and relevant services. They have developed a draft plan 'Together with Tenants'. They are currently consulting and would welcome input from our tenants. For more information and to provide feedback, please follow the link webpage for tenantsand residents.


Related image to help homeowners and tenants avoid paying too much for jobs in the home.

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Debt Advice 

There are over 500,000 people in the UK in debt and looking for help and advice. There may be debt schemes that can allow you to become debt free quicker than you think.

By enquiring today, we will put you in touch with an organisation that care about you as an individual and an experienced advisor will be in touch to discuss a quick and easy route for you to become debt free again. Please contact Citizens Advice by clicking on the link or


Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not Want Not is a registered charity based in Chippenham, Wiltshire that collects free of charge unwanted items of serviceable furniture, household goods and electrical items to pass on at affordable prices, to families and individuals whose household income is below £20,000 per annum and to all over 60’s. For further information please contact




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Age UK

Age UK offer a free national advice line and local advice which helps hundreds of thousands of people every year, from exercise classes to mobility aids, their products and services help make lives easier & safer. They run befriending services, pairing an older person with a befriender to help provide companionship. Please contact for further information.