Disabled Adaptations

The Society wishes to assist its tenants and residents to stay in their homes for as long as possible and therefore to ensure that it facilitates where appropriate, the installation of disabled adaptations to its properties. Where a tenant requests an adaptation or aid to their property which is considered under the statutory Disabled Facilities Grant regime, they will be referred to their General Practioner for further referral to the relevant Social Services department.

In the case where small minor works are recommended, for example the installation of grab rails to the approximate value of £500, the Society will at its discretion, within budgetary constraints, provide financial support from its Minor Disabled Facilities Budget.

In the case of major improvements, such as the installation of showers, stair lifts etc, the Society expects that such works will be instructed to be carried out under the Disabled Facilities Grant regime. For more information please contact customerservices@willowtreehousing.org.uk

Please see our updated Disabled Adaptations Leaflet