Assisted Decoration


The Assisted Internal Decoration Scheme has been introduced to benefit Senior Citizens and Registered Disabled tenants who are unable to decorate their home without assistance.

How the scheme works

If you qualify for the scheme we offer to decorate two rooms every five years. This is an ongoing scheme limited by budget, which works on a first come first served basis. However, there is a limitation on the amount of work we can provide in a year, so a register has been put in place and will be maintained. Tenants will be informed by letter as to their current position the register; this will include details of an approximate date that the work may commence.

Who qualifies for the scheme?

You will be eligible for the scheme if you are:

  • A registered disabled person(s)
  • A senior citizen

Proof of age and circumstances may be requested before you are considered for the scheme.

You will NOT be eligible if you have current rent arrears.

Due to budget limitations, applications will not be accepted from anyone who as an active member of the household residing in the same property (i.e. male 18-65 or female 18-60).

If you feel that you qualify for the Assisted Internal Decoration Scheme, please complete the online application form below or print off the form here and return to our Office.

“Personal information you provide us will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy”

Assisted Decorations Application Form