Rural Housing Week - Stoke Sub Hamdon

Event date: 
Monday, 02nd July 2018


TA14 6PP

During Rural Housing Week South Western Housing Society presented a cheque from its Community Fund to the local Stoke Sub Hamdon Youth Group


The Parish Council currently provides financial support to the local Hamdon Youth Group, which is aimed at the younger generation.  Since the inception of the group, anti-social behaviour in the village has significantly reduced and the young people are demonstrating pride in belonging to the village and joining in supporting events. Part of the Council grant supports the employment of a professional Youth Worker to provide key support on such topics as drugs, alcohol, gambling, and relationships as well as structured recreational activities. The Parish Council had recently been asked if it would support the employment of a second Youth Worker as the group has grown in size to over 60 young people and the annual grant now totals £5,890 to the Group. 


The attached photo shows Barbara Brooks Chair of Stoke sub Hamdon Parish Council, receiving a cheque from Will Lloyd-Jones South Western Housing Society Management Accountant, along with Jo Rimmer SWHS Housing Officer for the area and Martin Carney SWHS Operations Director.