Rent Reduction

In July last year the Government announced in the Budget that with effect from April 2016 housing association tenants would receive a 1% cut in their rents each year until 2020 (after the next expected general election)


This rent reduction will apply to all the Society’s tenants with the exception of shared owners – their rents will increase in line with inflation.


Letters notifying tenants of their new rent plus service charge (where applicable) went out during the first week in March with the change taking effect from 4th April 2016.


Tenants paying by direct debt will be notified of their new payments in time for the first deduction in April.


For more information on the rent reduction will affect you please contact the Society


If you don’t pay by direct debit at the moment and would like to or get information about paying your rent by direct debit please contact us you can make payments to suit you e.g. weekly or monthly payments and you can decide which day you direct debit goes out.