Homes At The Heart

This is the #HomesAtTheHeart campaign's fifth week of action highlighting why homes are at the heart of settled futures. The focus is on highlighting vital homelessness services and temporary accommodation.


The key messages for this week's campaign are:

  • A heroic, cross-sector effort virtually ended rough sleeping overnight at the beginning of lockdown. The impossible became possible and we were shown what can happen with enough determination and funding.
  • The coronavirus crisis has put more people at risk of homelessness such as young people, people fleeing domestic abuse, or people losing their jobs.
  • Temporary accommodation can be very harmful to families’ physical and mental health, with people from BAME communities particularly at risk of being stuck here. It is too often poor quality and overcrowded, and represents a huge cost to the public purse.
  • We need to invest in preventing homelessness, by funding more social housing, initiatives to help people find and keep jobs, and supported housing.


That's why Willow Tree Housing is supporting #HomesAtTheHeart and calling on the Government to make a once-in-a-lifetime investment in social housing and to put social homes at the heart of the plan for social and economic recovery following the Coronavirus crisis